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New England Prep Baseball Report Pitchers & Catchers Analysis

New England Prep Baseball Report, one of the country’s top independent scouting services, is hosting a Pitchers & Catchers Analysis at Ultimate Sports Academy on March 24 from 7-10 p.m. This showcase will include extended bullpens for pitchers, including guided warmups and instruction. Pitchers and catchers will receive a written evaluation within their PBR profile as well as video featuring multiple angles. More than 450 colleges and pro scouts subscribe to the Prep Baseball Report services. This event is open to high school pitchers and catchers at a cost of $150/player.

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Bobcats Prospects

Bobcats Prospects is a team for college-bound players. We play in showcase events and assist in the recruiting process.

  • Head coach: Matt Bouchard
  • Wyatt Allaire
  • Nick Cote
  • Adrian Kennedy
  • Tim Stevens
  • Nico Ramirez
  • Riley Elliott
  • Alex Douidi
  • Nick Douidi
  • Rob Launier
  • Peter Haas
  • Kyle Hill
  • Ryan Sweeney
  • Kam Levesque
  • Matt Hamilton

15U Bobcats

  • Coach: Juan Amador
  • Tim Alley
  • Connor Abood
  • Kolby Begin
  • Jake Boudreau
  • Gabe Brigham
  • Spencer Cheney
  • Sam DiCicco
  • Anthony DiNardi
  • Casey Jordan
  • Jack McLean
  • Louis Rosenthal
  • Nick Kiah
  • Ryan Smith
  • Zack Smith

14U Bobcats

  • Bobcats Michaud
  • Division I coach: Ben Michaud
  • Jake Vachon
  • Timothy Rose
  • Tyler Michaud
  • Tyler Beleski
  • Peyton St. John
  • Noah Sekula
  • Nicholas Ruggiero
  • Jake Cooper
  • Parker Bradley
  • Brody Drouin
  • Carter Bailey
  • Jacob Langenfeld
  • Dylan Schuff


13U Bobcats

Bobcats Pappas

  • Nolan Arnold
  • Lorenzo Corsetto
  • Joshua Peterson
  • Sean Kuhlhoff
  • Dylan Button
  • Wil Jaques
  • Nathan Innerfield
  • Michael Thresher
  • Kalan Gaudreault
  • Adam Wetherbee
  • Colin Chandonnet
  • Sean Greene
  • Tanner Crowley

Bobcats Spooner